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D.O.M Themes -2017


Hat Issue  (deadline Oct 10th)

Women and hats.  A Brief history of hats from the 18th century

and a look at hats now in the present.  It’s all about the statement

the power of a man and the sexiness of a woman.

The New Circulation Mag Release Dates 2017

Designer Original Magazine

Quarterly Schedule

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The Boss Mann

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 February 2017

Millennial Moguls  (deadline for submissions Jan 13th)

This issue is with our surprise Music Mogul of Hip Hop and the fashion and content is about Millennial Moguls – from business to entertainment. It’s all about the empire Fashion is Hip Hop


 May 2017

Mother Land  (deadline April 13th)

It’s all about the motherland and the traditions of Africa from face paint to extreme hairdo’s, this one

we pull out all the stops for creative design.


 August 2017

Native Indian Issue  (deadline July 13th)

Our Native Indian Issue with all Native content from designers to models, The purpose if this issue is to shed

the spotlight on so many creative and talented Native Americans who never get recognized for creative and talented work.


—– November 2017 —–

Anniversary Issue  (deadline October 13th)

This is our 5 year anniversary issue so it will special and unique as we are. Cover type TBD, fashion holiday and glam, celebrating the end of the year and approaching the new one. Clothes – Glam /Party


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Thank You.

D.O.M is published quarterly starting 2017

 every 4th of the months listed above,

Unless otherwise posted on our Social Media.

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