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7 Tips To Be A Good Bartender

7 Tips To Be A Good Bartender

  1. Have a really great personality, people person who loves people, and patience

Bartenders are the main people who interact with many people. If they don’t have a great personality, they will not do well at that business because customers are not going to come back to them.


  1. It helps for them to have a good memory

Simply because they need to know every drink, every customer orders, that could be a lot of people especially those sitting and coming and going at the bar.


  1. Must be good a math,

Bartenders have to know how to make change, what prices each drink is and how much to give customers back from those prices.


  1. Must have knowledge of most popular liquors, cocktails, wines and beers, and even older brands.

Bartenders will need to be knowledgeable on what drinks they sell. What the difference is between different brands and what mixes well together and what does not.


  1. Must be able to work well under extreme pressure

Most Bartenders are busy the whole time there are at work. It’s a very stressful job, not just dealing with people but getting orders out on time and correct can be challenging. Part of their job is to make sure no glass is empty. And if you are working with other bartenders then you have to be a good team player and work together as a team.


  1. Make a point to not get involved with customers romantically where you work.

Many bartenders have free range of the hottest men and women that come in but you want to be careful because it can cause you a big headache in the long run. They know where you work, so guess what? If it does not work out then you might have to suffer through any drama that might transpire. So it’s a good tip is keep your love life away from the workplace.


  1. Must have good Grooming Habits

Bartenders are the ones that interact the most with people in clubs and bars, so they should look presentable at all times and it is a prove fact that the better they look and carry themselves the more tips they make and seem to get more attention.

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