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____by Aqueenpassing

The Tattoo craze has taken over, and it appears the more the merrier. But is that really the case? What do men really feel about women with an abundant amount of tattoos? I mean one or two has proven to be somewhat cute but now it’s a trend of covering the whole body face and head. Is that really appealing to men?


We went to Reddit a blog forum that you can get real answers from men on just about anything most men were really okay with a couple of tattoos that are well placed. Then there were some that was concerned about the inspiration of the tattoos, like what the meaning of them are for men they get tat’s that mean something and there is a reason for them. So for them they are curious as to why women get certain things and always want to know or understand the story behind them. For the most part men think its crazy that they go and get a bunch of stuff that has no meaning.


The last concern was from men that thought about how the woman will look twenty years down the line when they are older and the tattoos have taken a shape of their own after kids and just age in general they seem to feel that most of the tattoos depending on where they are placed might not look so pleasing.   Then there is the group who are wondering what statement are they really trying to make sense in the past tattoos have always been a man thang.


So what do you think about it? Leave a comment and let us know your thoughts.

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