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Dealing with Baby Daddy Drama

Gabriel Pacana

Dealing with Baby Daddy Drama                                                      

You meet a woman who you find attractive. You enjoy a few dates with her until you find out that she has a child or children with another man. What next?

Dealing with baby daddy drama is never simple, but there are some ways to make is easier. Keep in mind the other man is a person with emotions who may not be thrilled with a man he is unfamiliar with essentially becoming a father figure to his children. The way you treat your partner’s children will show both her and her baby daddy your parenting skills. This can put baby daddy at ease knowing his children are around a good man and allow your partner to see how you will treat the children you may have together in the future. By showing respect to both your partner’s ex and children, you will get respect.

Your girlfriend’s baby daddy will always be there whether you like it or not. It may seem ripe for disaster, but as a man you should seek communication with your partner’s baby daddy. It’s good when two people are allowed to sit down and have a conversation. A conversation would allow your partner’s ex to understand that you are trying to be respectful to him and his child or children. Be a man and express yourself to your woman so she can figure out how to best handle this situation.

Your partner and her ex will need to co-parent, so that means they will speak regularly. However, make sure it is known that any talk about the relationship you and your newfound woman share is strictly off limits. All the baby father needs to know is that the relationship is good and that you are supportive of the co-parenting process.

Baby daddy drama can be a difficult thing to handle, especially when you’re caught in the middle. Remember, acceptance, respect, assertion and communication are key when dealing with baby daddy drama. Keep these words in mind and you will easily overcome baby daddy drama.

Keep in mind that the most important thing is the child. His or her life will be affected by the decisions that all the adults make regarding his well-being. So make sure before you step in to fill role models shoes for the child that you are 100% committed to his welfare and not just your own selfish needs. If you are not serious and just want a fling for a while then every moment you spend getting to know that child and spending time with them as a family figure you are impacting his or her life and modeling their future. If you can be real with yourself, then the questions to ask would b; Are you ready to be committed to her and the child all the way? If you know that you just want someone to hang out with right now- then not a woman with children, so walk away now before it gets to serious, this way you don’t leave a scar on the child.

Think things out before entering a relationship with a woman with children it’s a whole other ball game then dating single women. There are great rewards and beautiful relationships have been united with a ready-made family. But you have to be mature, responsible and ready to step up to the plate and be that man.

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