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Decoding Women’s language

Taylor Williamson

Decoding Women’s language

When it comes to saying what they mean, men have no trouble being clear, direct, and concise. However, women tend to speak in riddles, similes, and metaphors. Do you ever wonder what women really mean when they say certain words or phrases? Are you curious about what goes through a woman’s mind when she says specific phrases? Well, here are some common phrases and the truth behind these dreaded words or sentences.

  • She says, “Be romantic and turn down the lights.” Translation: “My thighs are saggy.” Women are insecure about their bodies, especially in certain areas. If you love your significant other, make sure to tell her how much you love her thighs or whatever body part she is uncomfortable with.
  • She sighs, “That’s okay.” You should know it’s everything but okay. She’s just thinking about how you are going to pay for your mistake later.
  • She exhales, “Wow.” Don’t be fooled into thinking this is a compliment. She’s wondering how someone can be such a moron.
  • She might even say, “I have no plans, but text me in the afternoon to confirm.” Translation: “I’m waiting for better plans to come up, but I don’t want to say no and hurt your feelings.” If she approves of the plan, then she will agree, but if not she will say she’s busy. Sometimes women can act like meanies.
  • Whenever you hear “Fine,” she’s really saying nothing is fine. When a women says this, it means she is anything but okay. This doesn’t mean you won the argument, if anything you should be concerned because the conversation will be brought up again.
  • If she whines, “Are you listening to me?” She knows you aren’t listening to her. You’re in trouble and better start paying attention.
  • She coldly states, “Nothing, nothing is wrong.” When in reality something is upsetting her. You should figure out what that is. She may not even know what’s wrong, but that doesn’t matter. Try figuring out the problem and fixing it. Consider being polite and asking her what’s wrong, but if she says, “Nothing, don’t worry,” then you are screwed.
  • “We need to talk,” translates to “You’re in trouble.” It’s either a break up conversation or you’re getting sent to the doghouse.
  • If she casually says, “I’ll be ready in a minute,” just know you have about 20 more minutes of wait time. Don’t harass her to hurry up. She will be done when she is ready. You might as well crack open a beer, sit on the couch, watch some television, and patiently wait. Considering she puts up with your last five minutes of a football game for you to take out the trash, then this seems like an even trade.
  • If she asks, “How do I look?” she simply is asking for a compliment. So, give her one.
  • What happens if she asks, “Do I look fat in this?” The best thing you can do is compliment her by telling her how beautiful she is.
  • If she’s asking you questions as to what outfit she should wear, she simply wants you to pick which one she looks sexier in.
  • Whenever she says, “Go ahead, have fun. It’s okay,” you probably shouldn’t leave as this is just a dare for you to go ahead and try to. She’s not happy.
  • If you get the “Whatever” or “K” text message she’s beyond pissed at you and doesn’t want to speak anymore.
  • If she asks, “Can we cuddle?” she isn’t in the mood for intimacy right now. She literally just wants to cuddle. She either wants the comfort of being in someone’s arms or she’s on her time of the month. Intimacy is not on the forefront of her mind.
  • When she tells you, “That guy over there was totally hitting on me,” she’s really saying, “Pay attention to me because that man over there will happily take your place.” When she’s feeling insecure, she wants to remind you of how valuable she is.

These translations can be overwhelming and disappointing, but don’t let it discourage you from dating or being with the woman you love. Who knows, you may be dating a woman who means exactly what she says. If you are struggling to understand what your woman wants and needs, then just ask her politely , but mostly she just wants to feel loved and appreciated.

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