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Le’Marqunita Lowe

Every woman dreams about finding the perfect man who will love her. In fairytale land, we call this man, Prince Charming. With divorce rates increasing, the likelihood of breakups can shy women away from pursuing a relationship. Even Prince Charming guys can become controlling guys. To save you some heartache, there are warning signs of a controlling man. A controlling man will dominate every aspect of your life, so beware of these signs before your heart falls too deep.

Lots of Demands

 Imagine that you are on your first date and the man begins to tell you what to do. He tells you to eat with your fork correctly. To fix your hair. To fix your lipstick that smudged while taking a bite. He tells you to order his food. He even tells you to open the car door for yourself. Ladies, this is a red flag even on the first date. Men who throw out a lot of demands will soon want to control the entire relationship once he gains the “boyfriend” title.

Quick Attachment

Watching movies have taught us that love at first sight is romantic. If you watch realistic romance movies, you will discover that love at first sight can also be toxic and fatal. Quick attachment is a huge warning sign of a controlling man. How can a guy fall in love with you if he barely knows anything about your entire life? The guy falls quickly because he is looking to fill a gap in his own life. Usually, he is trying to fill this gap quickly because of something tragic that happened in his own life. He will use his attraction to you to dominate the one thing in his life that he never could control: LOVE.


A man who wants you all to himself will isolate you from everything that you love and enjoy. This includes family, friends, and your hobbies. Isolating you from the things that you love is a red flag for a controlling man. Unlike the other signs, isolation is a more difficult sign to notice. Isolating you from family and friends happens gradually. You will start to notice that you miss holidays with families. Then you will start to notice that your man requests you not to got to your best friend’s birthday party because he wants you to stay home with him. When you are stressed, you will attempt to resort to your hobbies. However, when he notices that you want to paint, he will ask you to cook him dinner. A controlling man will find ways to prevent you from being happy, because all that matters is you pleasing him.

Physical and Verbal Abuse

The most dangerous warning sign of a controlling man is abuse. In most situations, verbal abuse occurs before physical abuse. However, they both can go hand in hand. If a man is constantly breaking down your self-esteem by telling you that you’re ugly or need to lose weight then this is a beginning sign of verbal abuse. Verbal abuse consists of intimidation tactics used by a man to make you feel worthless. When a man hits you, it turns to physical abuse. Even if a man apologizes for hitting you, it can lead to a controlling man. If you forgive the man for physically abusing you, then he knows that he can use it as a way to control you again. Verbal and physical abuse is a scare tactic that men use to keep a woman stuck in a relationship. Recognize the early warning signs so you can prevent the dangers that can result in the future.

Paranoid Symptoms      

Other warning signs of a controlling man are paranoia symptoms. A man who is truly attracted to you and loves you will trust you. He will not constantly ask your whereabouts or when you will return. Controlling men will obsessively text you and call your phone because he wants to know your location. If you happen to be late because of traffic, he will accuse you of being out with another guy. No matter what you do to confirm your man to not worry, he will always find a reason to be paranoid. Paranoid men will turn into controlling men.

Family Disapproval

Let’s be honest, if your family does not like the man you are in a relationship with, that is the biggest warning sign ever. When we are in a relationship, we have a blind eye to the warning signs of a controlling man. Women think about how they want to make the relationship work, so they ignore the red flags. Family can be the second eye and see the warning signs that you choose to avoid. If your mom is telling you that the guy seems controlling, then take heed to her advice.

Every woman wants to be in a healthy relationship that will bring happiness to their lives. It is important that our desire for love does not overlook warning signs. If you see a red flag of a controlling man, then make sure to listen to your instinct. Following your instinct will save you a lot of heartache and create happiness down the road.

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