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Do men believe in love at first sight?

Do men believe in love at first sight?

by Taylor Williamson

Throughout history men have been depicted as macho, emotionless creatures who only let the woman they love see what’s deep within their hearts. Women, on the other hand, often wear their hearts on their sleeves and believe in love at first sight. Ironically, research has shown that more men believe in love at first sight than women.

Men, the visual beings that they are, often see a beautiful woman and are immediately drawn to her. Women are more cautious and careful, weighing the pros and cons regarding dating and love. Men become blind and have a blurred sense of true love when they take in the appearance of an attractive woman. Their brain jumps into high gear and they are fumbling over themselves to get her number. Women tend to fall in love slowly while in a relationship and are quicker to commit than men. Men fall hard for a woman with a killer body and gorgeous eyes before they even speak with her. Then it becomes about the chase to win her over. Men use their instincts when making a decision about whether they should go over and talk to a woman. Women also use their instincts, however, they are more hesitant to trust what their heart is saying.

Nearly a third of men make up their mind about dating someone within their first meeting. In comparison, nearly 70 percent made their decision on whether the relationship was worth pursuing after the first date. One in four men believe in love at first sight and said they knew the woman who they encountered was the one within seconds of meeting her. Some men confuse lust or sexual desires for love at first sight. Several men who fell in love at first sight were not reciprocated by their female companions. Men tend to launch themselves into dating, but later on lose interest because they lost the love at first sight feelings. Many men cheat on their significant others because they fall in love so quickly and it fades just as fast.

Some men believe in lust at first sight instead. Many people experience a feeling of instant attraction or connection toward someone. Within a few moments, the chemistry and sparks are flying. Many people take advantage of these feelings and give in to them by asking the person on a date. When you feel emotions such as these, jump on them. For some people love takes time, it has to be earned, and worked for.


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