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Diversify your wardrobe with these latest accessories this summer

By John Smith and!

Jewelry is the ultimate accessory; it can compliment any outfit and will always show your personality to the world. However, even the most beautiful piece can send out the wrong message if it is worn incorrectly. Nowadays, both men and women wear accessories. Men wear signets, tie clips, leather bracelets and wristwatches, whereas women usually want to make an impression with bold accessories such as statement necklaces, bulk bracelets and opulent earrings. This summer season is all about visual pieces. The bigger the better; follow these tips to ensure you create the right look:


  • Bold looks are fantastic but never overdo it! If a piece stands out by itself it does not need to be crowded by too many other pieces!
  • The bigger and bolder the jewellery the simpler your outfit must be. This creates a striking contrast rather than too many different looks fighting for attention.
  • Earrings are one of the first things people notice and they should reflect the shape of your face. Again, the brighter, bigger and bolder the earring, the simpler the hair should look.
  • Bold necklaces work best if they are the center of attention, not the item of clothing you are wearing underneath. Bold jewellery should be complimented with a strapless dress or a V-necked dress.
  • Big bright rings will catch people’s attention. They will be drawn to your ring and to your hands. If you are going to flaunt the ring make sure your hands look fabulous too.
  • Bracelets; large ones should be by themselves on your arm. Smaller ones can be coupled together but the general rule is no more than six. Bracelets should only be worn on one arm.
  • Reflect your outfit. Your jewelry can suggest chic, hippy or even professional. Choose the right items to go with the right look; the results will be fantastic.

The latest trends in jewelry and summer accessories for both men and women adhere to these rules:

Arm Cuff

Just two of these, half way up your arm or dangling at your wrist, the look will be suave and sophisticated with a touch of fun.

Precious jewels

Bracelets made with brass and precious or semi-precious stones can create a striking look. They can be color coordinated to go with almost any outfit. A bracelet can be a work of art as well as a statement. A perfect example is the open ended bracelet shaped like an arrow. One end of the bracelet is the tail feathers whilst the other end is the point. Simple yet stunning!

Ear Cuffs

This is one of the latest trends in jewelry. Ear cuffs can come in one, two, three or even four. You can purchase clip on ones so that you do not need to have multiple piercings. These can make you look both chic and like a rock star!


Tie clips

Today’s modern man likes to wear the slickest jewelry pieces. Tie clips in particular, are a must-have. They exude elegance and class, and they make the wearer stand out from the common crowd. The material of the tie clip has a great importance; if you really want to wow people, a beautifully designed tie clip made of yellow gold should do the trick.

Signet rings

Signet rings are this year’s biggest jewelry trend. They can be worn by both men and women, and they come in a variety of styles, shapes and patterns. Men like their signet to be bulkier, and more attention-grabbing. A platinum signet ring for example, that features a beautiful crest or engraving will certainly turn some heads around.

Midi Rings

Why have standard rings when you can have something far more stylish, fun and trendy? The latest trend is to have a midi ring or two on one finger. The midi ring is a combination of three or four rings joined together. They can be worn at the base of your finger or half way up for an effortlessly chic look. Instead of choosing one color for your next ring, make a real statement by having a three banded ring which is made from rose gold, white gold and yellow gold. The three colors blend perfectly and catch the sun; the reflection will ensure everyone else will admire it.



The very latest accessory is a stunning watch, preferably in rose gold (for women) and stainless steel or platinum (for men). The watch should have an accompanying clutch bag to create a timeless look (for women), or perhaps a leather bracelet and signet ring for give that a man a classier appeal.


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