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Ignite Your Creativity

How to Ignite your Creativity

by   Taylor Williamson


Do you wish to spark your creativity? Are you getting tired of doing the same daily routines? Are you looking to brighten up your life? Here are some ways to trigger your originality.

If you’re feeling down, practice meditation. The moment you become aware of your mind, body, and soul it will allow you to perceive situations differently, enhance your creativity, and let go of daily obstacles. Attend a class on martial arts or yoga to try something new and intriguing to approach life with a different perspective and openness. Take a walk outside or go on a run. Getting your body moving produces positive chemicals which flow toward the brain and help produce new, creative ideas.

Bring light and nature into your home. Open a window and let the warm breeze refresh your mind, body, and soul. Consider planting a few flowers or succulents around your work space to help you access your inventiveness. Creativity flows through each of us and you can learn new things once you set your mind to something. Simply acknowledge an idea and take steps toward making it happen.

Go outside and explore the world. Try things such as learning a new instrument, converting to a vegetarian diet for a week, or attempting to invent something original. By learning unknown things, you are allowing the brain to absorb more interesting ideas and thoughts.

Strive to say yes whenever you can. To have an open mind, one must practice accepting new ideas. Make an effort to have new experiences and adventures once a week, even if it’s something small. Be open to making new friends, especially people who embrace their creativity. Learning new things from them can help improve your creativity. Accept invitations whenever they are given. This can be difficult to achieve because you may feel uneasy with straying from your comfort zone. However, it will strengthen your resistance to normality.

Although it is healthy to be accepting of new people, you still need to find a quiet location to be alone. When you are in solidarity you can then collect your thoughts and write down new ideas, even if they are outrageous. Writing down one idea can lead to another which allows you to begin filling an entire page with interesting ideas. Don’t let the fear of failure keep you from developing an idea. Confidence wins over cowardliness every day.

Once you have attempted some of these methods you should succeed in strengthening your creativity. Along the way, you will enhance your mind, body, and soul. When you allow yourself to begin inventing new ideas or thoughts, you will amplify your daily experiences with others and yourself.

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