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“Indingo Woman”

Courtesy of Poet AQueenPassing

Indigo Woman

Euphoria explosion of cocoa
sensations, dark nights on
the Ethiopia River breathing
melodies that mix with Java
sweet cream loose with wild
berries on chocolate skin
I walk in open sandals and
recite ancient parables in
tongue and hope you bless
me with precious renditions
of a soulful song I crawl to
my island web woven of
silk threads of utopia
Speak to me in Swahili
and watch the lioness moan
in thirsty echoes of a mating
call creating a Shaka Zulu
dance of my past
I drink the leaves of blue
thunder and you, as you thrive
on my feeding of sweet
tranquility in the evening of
a cool majestic breeze
2003 All rights reserved

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