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“Bald & Beautiful”


Nell Coleman is a Bajan American semi-professional model who was born in Little Rock, AR. She currently resides in Brooklyn, NY to spread the awareness of The Bald Movement and working on building a community of Bald women to fulfill her mission. As a teenager, Nell was ridiculed of her appearance including her hair and because of it she did not love or accept herself. In 2010, Nell decided that she would no longer allow the ways of the world to tell her that she wasn’t beautiful because of her appearance. To free herself from the societal standard of beauty, Nell shaved her hair off in hopes of showing the world that Hair was not needed to be beautiful. She then discovered that true beauty had nothing to do with the appearance and everything to do with who she was as a person. Your confidence, compassion, love for self and others, and your willingness to be yourself is what made you Beautiful inside and out. Nell continues to stay BALD to show that no matter how you got there, Bald is Beautiful and to Embrace it.

Nell continues to face everyday challenges of the world as a BALD woman but she doesn’t allow them to get the best of her. Through her challenges she shares them by blogging, posting inspiring messages, and sharing other women’s stories to encourage others to be fearless of the very thing that matters most…Being Yourself. While modeling in Atlanta, GA, Nell came to a point in her life where she knew that even though she will continue to pursue her career as a model in New York City, her purpose was far greater than just modeling alone. She prayed and asked God what could she do to serve and help the lives of others, especially those who battled with self acceptance due to a look that she was very confident with, being BALD. In December 2012, The Bald Movement was designed to support and empower women and children to Embrace the essence of being BALD. The goal is to take away the adage that hair is everything and add that we as individuals are everything and hair is like an accessory, whether you have it or not, it doesn’t define who you are, You do.

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