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A Little Bit Of Vaseline?

Things to do with Vaseline: 

  • Did you know that you could use Vaseline for a base for your perfume? Yes you can. Dab a little Vaseline on the pulse points before spraying your perfume it makes the perfume last just about all day.
  • It is also good for removing gum out of your hair, on clothes, and other items
  • It’s also great for getting out makeup on shirts and sheets. Just rub with a damp rag on the soiled area and it comes out.
  • It’s the best moisturizer for your skin. – At night place on feet and put on the foodie’s, dab some on your face and hands and in the morning you will be amazed at how soft your body parts are.
  • Mixed with a little eye shadow it makes a great lip color that has color and yet keeps your lips moist
  • Rub a bit of Petroleum Jelly into the ends of your hair to hide the appearance of split ends
  • Its great for that stubborn eye makeup – apply to eyes takes off all mascara and eye shadow in flash.

1 Comment on A Little Bit Of Vaseline?

  1. misspebblesgirl // January 21, 2016 at 9:03 am // Reply

    Love this post alot


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