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When is it Okay for Men to Cry?

Story by – Gabriel Pacana

What comes to your mind when you see a man crying? For thousands of years, the image of the crying man has been depicted in literature and pop culture. Homer’s Iliad, the Bible, Medieval epics and 19th century popular culture all depict men crying over fallen friends or divine supplication. Then came the dawn off the 20th century where the image of the man who doesn’t cry was introduced.


Although crying is a natural, emotional response to feelings such as sadness and pain, men still are unsure when or if it’s okay to express themselves through tears. Research has shown that crying is an emotional release, a way for people to tap into their feelings, and a way for your body to release stress hormones or toxins. Still, among men, crying is seen as a sign of weakness.

So when is okay for a man to cry? Men, just like women, experience life changing experiences and face tribulations that may call for an emotional release. The death of a loved one, a beloved pet, or a close friend should provoke a man, or anyone for that matter, to cry because death signals immeasurable separation. Love can even trigger a man to shed a tear or two. Whether it be an accepted marriage proposal or an expression of love from a significant other.

But man tears are not limited to just concepts of love and death. Life changing experiences can tap into the deepest of emotions. In situations where it is acceptable to cry, it’s good that a man shows other men and boys that it is just as normal as it is healthy.

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