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What Women Really Want From Men

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Some women want a man to just go on dates with and have fun without commitment. Some women want a man who they can hook up with every now and then. But some women want a serious relationship and date men solely to get to know them to see if they are a potential future boyfriend. Those women seek certain qualities and behaviors in a man to see if they are ready for a relationship, as well, and if they could see themselves with them in the future.

Thoughtfulness/Makes Us Feel Like One of a Kind

Women want a man to make them feel special. Let’s us know we are on his mind, but that doesn’t mean 24/7. A man can show we are on his mind by texting us randomly saying he is thinking of us or leaving a cute note on our car window. Another way to show us we are special to him is when a man buys a little gifts are random times just because he thought we would love it or because he was in the store and when he saw it, it reminded him of us. When it comes to anniversaries or birthdays, we want a man who is thoughtful and plans a nice day and/or sends us flowers, for example. We want to feel needed and loved. We like to be shown that you care. If not, we will unfortunately try to find it somewhere else.

Caring/Gives Us Space

We want a guy who will take care of us but also lets us be our independent selves. A good balance is when a man will be there when we need him and offer to do things for us but can also let us have time for ourselves and to trust us when we go out with friends. A man who does not show he cares by being there for us in time of need or does not let us have do our thing and have fun is a man we do not care to keep around in our lives.

Say How You Feel With Words

It is the best when a man reminds us every so often how much he cares for us, misses us, and how beautiful he thinks we are. Yes, actions speak louder than words, but words are straight forward if a man truly means them. We do not have to guess what a guy is thinking or if he is actually thinking it if he tells us how he really feels. Women do not have a hard time expressing how they feel with words, so we ask that men try to do the same or else we feel you do not care as much as we do.

A Best Friend

The bottom line is.. we want a best friend. We want a guy who we can tell anything to, laugh and tease with for the rest of our lives, and someone we can talk to for hours. We know our best friend will love us unconditionally and see past our flaws and supports us through thick and thin. We do not ask for much, just that a man shows us he cares. If a man makes us feel special, loved, and wanted, we will be willing to make them as happy as they make us.

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