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“Men Abused”


This is Real Talk!  Men, can you be honest?  How many men are ready to stop the cycle of pain, shame, and destruction in yourself and face the demons that have been destroying you piece by piece?


I don’t know how many of you saw the segment of the Oprah Winfrey Show featuring Tyler Perry who was bearing all the horrible details of his childhood.  It was the most emotional and heart-felt show I have ever seen.  It is no surprise to me how many men have been abused in this world, but it is even more heart-breaking to see them being destroyed in their everyday life by it.


I have been abused by my stepfather and my male cousin who I grew up with had been abused by his uncle and beaten by his father.  As a child back in the 60’s, it was a “hush hush” better not tell sort of thing and, of course, you never did.  But the raw truth of it is that I watched him deteriorate over the years as a man, father, and person.  His behavior in a relationship was full of anger, control issues, jealousy, and his drug use and drinking caused him to do time in prison, lose his family, and almost himself.  At the age of 50, he finally found himself enough to realize that it was our childhood that took us on the journey we lived for so long.  As for me, I am almost 60 and my 40 years in the desert contrails of living in the streets and drug infested horrible places. It was merely a living hell for all those years.


Thank God for His love and grace that gently brought me home.  But what I see now in men is so much pain and so much anger, it makes it really hard for them to have a real relationship.  The road to recovery is often facing the demons that haunt us, facing them head on, and taking back the power that they stole from us.  It is admitting the ugly truth and not letting it control our lives and dictating to us the path that we should go.  The fear of the truth being exposed sometimes keeps us from the very blessings God has for us.  How many of you can come out of the closet? And I mean that literally, whether you’re down low, gay, bisexual, or just plain angry and confused and take a bold step, a leap of faith into the light and say, “I am tired of fighting me inside to keep the little boy of shame and pain from coming out.”  Talk about it!  You’re not alone and then be about it. By taking your life back, no matter how old you are, no matter how much you have lost or let get away, it does not matter. What does matter is that it is not over until it’s over, so choose to live! On Purpose….

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