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Easy Hair 2016

Well, the heat is on its way and, just like ever season this year is no different than any other. So, with your cool and easy hairstyles for 2015-2016 , you want to take care of them with as little difficulty as possible. Of course, each year comes with new products and developments for hair, skin, and nail care so stick to the things that are working for you. Each manufacturer of beauty and hair care products are constantly improving and changing their brand to withstand the competition, but the good thing about a brand that you trust and have been using for a while is that you know it will only get better with time.


If your hair is fine and thin then a great product new and improved this year is our old trusted friend from L’Oreal Paris, L’Oreal New Volume Filler Thickening Shampoo for fine, thin hair. It costs around $4.00 and can be found at any drug store.   The advanced Filled Formula is said to make your hair feel like it has twice the amount of hair with lots of body and shine.   Another great product for blonde hair, natural or bleached, is the perfect platinum line called Pureology. There is the leave in Keratin that helps hair maintain healthy, especially for those who blow dry and curl or flat iron a lot. It stays in 10 min and performs a miracle on your hair. You also want to use Clairol’s Shimmer Lights Shampoo, which gives your blonde hair a shine and shimmer that is unbelievable.


At one time, black hair was limited to the products they had to take care of their hair. But now products are being developed from everywhere to manage and groom natural curly black hair. Black hair is much coarser than any other hair type: it requires something more. The one thing it needs more than anything is moisture because it is a naturally dry and frizzy hair type. Because there are many textures of black hair, they all need something a little different.


Dove has stepped up and created products that not only work with the skin and hair for African Americans, but also have proven to be outstanding.   The new Dove Advanced Hair Series is perfect for black hair: it defines the curls up to 4 times more with nourishment and moisture. It’s made for natural curls so, if you have not tried it, you might want to! It’s fabulous as well as the Dove moisturizing body wash.

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