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Why is Makeup Sex So Much Better?

Love and eroticism in the bedroom, couple in bed with sex and affection.

by Le’Marqunita Lowe

Being angry with your partner/spouse is never a pleasant feeling. Arguments can be the demise of a relationship and lead to breakups. That is why makeup sex plays a pertinent part in helping to repair some damage caused in the relationship. Many people can agree that makeup sex is not the same as casual sex. Makeup sex is intense, pleasurable, and it consumes you. Just like casual sex, makeup sex can have its benefits in a relationship that is falling downhill.

Stress Release

We all have heard the saying “There is a thin line between love and hate”. Well, let us be honest. There is no such thing as a “perfect” relationship. People have flaws, which makes us imperfect. That means that a relationship can never be perfect, even if you are madly in love with your spouse. Makeup sex tends to be a result of that thin line between love and hate being challenged. Maybe you are angry with the person for lying to you or keeping a secret from you. You love the person, but deep rage begins to develop against the person because they comprised trust in the relationship. Sex is not only physical, but it is also an emotional act. When a man is angry with his woman, makeup sex is a way to physically release the tension that builds up in your body from the anger. Think about the last time that you had sex. Not only was it pleasurable, but also you will notice that afterwards your muscles felt more relaxed. Sex is highly related to hormones in your body. Some men also feel a sense of “dominance” when they are able to control sex after a huge argument. The man is able to pleasure the woman and take both of their minds off of the anger.


Increase Communication (Begin to Discuss What You Were Fighting About)

Many people would probably debate the statement that makeup sex can increase communication. When you think of healthy communication, several thoughts might come to mind. Healthy communication is not stressful, calm tones used, no arguing, and balanced. How can increased communication be a result of makeup sex? Makeup sex results from tension, anger, rage, and hate that is developed in a relationship. After you have sex with your woman, it is a chance for you to begin to talk about why were you fighting in the first place. Makeup sex leads to intimacy. In intimate moments, men begin to discuss their emotions more. This leads to a woman opening up about her own emotions. Makeup sex is a chance for a man to explain the root cause of the problem. All men know that a woman loves when a man expresses his emotions.


The next time before you think about ending a relationship with a woman who screwed up, try makeup sex. Think about all the reasons you loved her in the first place. Women loved to be pleased emotionally and physically. Allow yourself to take control over the sex, which will open up the doors to pleasure and communication. Make sure you address the issues at hand though, if not you are just creating a cycle of just sex and nothing is getting fixed, so eventually you will go your separate ways. It take more than sex to keep a lasting relationship after awhile you will not want to deal with the drama even though the sex might be fantastic. The morning does still come after the storm has passed.

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  1. Can’t agree more.


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