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Noa Sorrell

It’s even more of blessing when you can actually see someone dreams coming true and see them accomplish what they set out to do. As for Noa Sorrell this week at the Arts Heart Fashion Show. The show showcases Noa kids collection Wednesday night at the Taglyan Complex.   The compelling story of Noa is more than that of just an upcoming fashion designer with big dreams but this was a runway dream of survival and courage. Noa an 11-year-old cancer survivor who was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma in January 2015. Noa found a lot of time on her hand as she dealt with her recovery and chemotherapy. Noa used that time to design and create which helped to take her mind off her therapy and treatments. Designing is something she loves to do and learned from her grandmother.   With the help of the Make-A-Wish- foundation Noa was soon able to see her dream become a reality as the foundation made the opportunity for her to showcase her work on the runway at this Los Angeles Fashion Week.   Not only did she see her dream come to fruition but it was the happiest time of her life not only was her designs a hit but her story has touched the hearts of millions.


Photo taken by our staff photographer shooting the show live – Derrick Rodgers.

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