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How To Manage Work, School, Kids & A Man?

Plan The number one way to manage work, school, kid/s, and a man is to plan everything, which is where a planner comes in handy. Whether it be a tangible planner

stressed african american businesswoman in office holding her little girl while talking on telephone

or a planner on your phone, it is going to help you tremendously to remember when certain deadlines for work come up, when homework is due, when your kid/s practices or performances are, and when you are open to make plans for a date night with your boyfriend. If you plan, you are more likely to get more things done. Also, you will be less likely to forget about being someplace you need to be or doing something you need to do.

To-Do List

To-Do list’s are so important for when you have many things you need to do for work, school, your kid/s and your man. On your to do list, you can make a note that you need to finish your project for work or school, you need to prepare your daughter’s lunch for the next day, or you need to buy your boyfriend an anniversary gift. When you are so busy managing four different important things in your life, you need to make a to-do list because things will easily slip your mind.

Relieve Your Stress

Figure out what helps you relieve your stress the most. Everyone has a different way of relieving stress and if you figure out what works best for you, you are more likely to do all your to-do’s with passion and happiness. Try doing yoga, go to a spa, take a warm bath with relaxing music in the background, read, or watch a movie or television show while sipping a glass of wine. Take time for yourself. It will really pay off and you will enjoy life a little more.

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